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CSI Miami - Calleigh / Eric / Ryan shipping: for all your fanfic, fanart and discussion needs

Welcome to the community for fans of Calleigh Duquesne / Eric Delko / Ryan Wolfe shipping fun!

This is the place for anyone wanting to get in on a little REC action, because Calleigh, Ryan and Eric together is just too good to pass up ;) Fanart, icons, wallpaper and other related creative goods about Eric, Ryan or Calleigh are also welcome. Because two of the characters involved here are male, the fanfiction posted here could be classified as slash fiction and if anyone has a problem with slash fiction, please take yourself elsewhere!

What is Slash Fanfiction?

Slash fanfiction is writing that deals with primarily male characters or primarily female characters. These stories may be platonic, romantic or sexual as long as the focus is on characters of the same sex: all groupings containing only males and/or females are automatically slash.


Neither this community nor any of the authors or artists represented here have made, nor will make, any attempt to infringe on the copyrights held by the Corporations or Individuals that are part of CSI:Miami. This community is purely for the enjoyment of the fans and no monetary gain is made from it.

This disclaimer applies to all fan creations posted to this community. If any community member is discovered to have plagiarized other writers and/or artists, or to have received any type of monetary compensation, that user will automatically be BANNED from posting at this community.

Posting Rules

- All entries must be related to Calleigh Duquesne, Eric Delko or Ryan Wolfe
- Requests for member help in beta'ing fics are also welcome
- Please refrain from posts or fics made to bash any CSI characters - respect is the key
- All posts with mature content must be tagged as such, either "Adult Concepts" or "Explicit Adult Concepts" respectively.
- All fics, fanart and other images must be placed behind an LJ-cut (click here to learn how to make an LJ-cut). In the case of fics, the LJ-cut comes after the header information and before the actual story itself (see Fic Posting Format Guide below)
- Do not harrass or flame other community members: any violations of this rule will result in a "Three Strikes" warning system and after your third warning, you will be banned from the community. Anyone caught rejoining under a new username will be banned on sight
- Please follow this format for posting your fics:

Fic Posting Format Guide

Title: title of your piece
Author: any one or combination of the following: your real name, pen name, lj username, email address, and/or instant message username (including which instant messaging service you use)
Category: one or any combination of the following (these are often considered warnings as well):

    alternate universe (AU)
    bondage;domination/submission;masochism (BDSM)
    crossover (xover; combining characters from two or more different shows)
    established relationship (e/r)
    first time (f/t)
    futurefic (f/f)
    hurt-comfort (h/c)
    plot-what-plot (PWP)
    nonconsensual (n/c)

Spoilers: episodes of the show from which important events are included in the story
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
Pairing: fics should primarily feature Eric/Ryan but other secondary pairings can be indicated here
Summary: a brief summary of your story
Warning:: this is where you specify warnings for sensitive issues such as rape/non-con (non-consensual), character death, graphic violence, child abuse, suicide, etc. If your fic does not have anything that you need to warn about, this tag can be removed.
It is mandatory to warn for the above-mentioned issues, as part of an ongoing effort to try to make this community a safe space for those who are triggered. Failure to do so will result in deletion of the post in question. If you are unsure whether something in your fic would be considered triggering, please feel free to ask me. If a fic is posted that does not warn and contains triggering elements, please bring it to my attention. Thank You.

For an indepth-explanation of triggering, a good essay to read:

(Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.)

Sexual Assault, Triggering, and Warnings: An Essay

Author's Note or A/N - anything else you want to say about your story. This could include disclaimers that the characters and/or events do not belong to you (or are original), thanks for beta readers or others who assisted or supported your writing, and so on.

And then the rest of your story goes here below the header information, placed behind an LJ-cut.

(thank you to edgecity for formatting info and other community guidelines assistance)

All Fics Must Be Properly Tagged

How to tag your fics: On your fic's entry page, look for an icon at the top that says "TAG" with a little blue pencil and click that icon. On the next page, go down to "Current Tags" and in that blank space is where you write your tags. If you haven't posted the fic yet, there is a space at the bottom of the entry-posting page that says "Tags"

Please follow this format for tagging your fics: three tags for each fic please, one to tag the author as (without the quotation marks) "author: username" then a comma between the tags and a tag for the fic itself "fic: fic title goes here" and one for the rating "rating: g" (or whichever rating letters).

How to Tag Multi-chapter Fics with Different Chapter Ratings

Multi-chapter fics with different chapter ratings should be tagged overall by the highest rating, (G being low and NC-17 being high). That way people will be properly warned for what will be coming in terms of mature themes and it will assist people if they are looking for fics to read by rating rather than genre or author. Then, when posting each chapter, please include in the fic header a section "Chapter Rating:" and then include the rating for that particular chapter, whether it's R or PG-13, etc. But for each chapter posting, the rating tag itself should still be the overall rating tag.

How Can I Find A Certain Fic or Author?

Using the Tag Page

Make Your Fics Shine

As a sister-community with wolfe_delko, we here at callericryan actively encourage members to make sure their fics are a) spellchecked b) proofread/beta'ed c) written with care. If there are errors found in your fics, you may recieve polite constructive criticism from our community members to help you fix your fic. If you are completely disinterested in recieving any constructive criticism for your fics, please indicate so in the Author's Note of your fic(s).

Grammar guides, punctuation guides, brushing up on your writing skills: The Basic Elements of English - Hypergrammar - Punctuation - Holy Mother Grammatica's Guide to Good Writing

Info courtesy of your friendly neighborhood moderator/maintainer sunhawk - any questions or concerns email me: hawklion at hotmail dot com :)
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